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Warranty and Returns

What is the warranty provided by Robokits ?

Due to the kind of product we sell, we provide limited conditional warranty only for most of our products. As most of the products can be easily damaged in case of improper handling, reverse polarity voltage input, overloading, short circuit or ESD we provide only limited conditional warranty just to ensure that our products are best in quality if used properly.
We have changed our warranty policy and period for most of our products since 20th December 2013 as we were getting over 95% wrong claims where either the products are working properly but customer is not able to use it properly or the product is not working because of wrong use. All items ordered before this date will carry warranty as per the website information till 20th December 2013.

What is covered in warranty?

Warranty is provided to ensure that Robokits provides quality products and continue to improve products against general problems. However due to the kind of products we sell, its very easy to blow up the product due to many reasons like improper signals or power supply etc. We provide conditional warranty only in case there is genuine fault in the product. 
Warranty is provided mainly against non proper components/parts used in some products such that the product does not work properly or non proper assembling or manufacturing defects. 
Also warranty is provided for damage occurred during shipping. In this case warranty is provided on all of our products and customers must contact Robokits within 48 hours after receiving the parcel or else the warranty will be void.
Robokits is not responsible for improper installation or carelessness of users while handling the products.

How do I claim warranty for the products?

Many a times customers do not check the product properly and claim warranty on the fully working product. We recommend you to go through all documentation provided by Robokits for the product. In case even the problem still persists please send write-up of testing procedure that you have applied and the results to our email id info@robokits.co.in. Please check our reply with all guidelines. Most probably the problem must be solved. 
Please do not claim warranty until you are very sure that the product is faulty. 
If there is any visible problem with the product please send us photograph of the products and we will send replacement free of cost in case we are convinced that the product is to be replaced under warranty. 
If there is any functional problem the customer will need to return the product back to us for testing.
Shipping charges for returning the product is responsibility of the customer. 
In case of genuine fault the product will be replaced at the earliest and shipped back to you free of cost. 
In case there are no problems or warranty terms are void Robokits can ask customer to pay shipping charges for returning the product. 
In case even if the warranty is void due to some reason and the product is not damaged permanently we may repair the product and ask customer to pay minor repairing charges, replacement parts and shipping charges for returning the product.
Warranty can be claimed only once per order. Before returning the product customers should mark the product so that it can be identified. Also send Invoice copy and a small writeup via mail or a hardcopy in the package about the problem. 
Products returned under warranty are tested only once in a week on Wednesday mornings by product developers at robokits to check the nature of the problems and to avoid such problems in future. If your product reaches to us on Wednesday afternoon the product will be checked on next Wednesday. 
The products should be returned to "Robokits India, B1+B2+B3/5, GIDC Electronics Estate, Sector 25, Gandhinagar 382044, Gujarat, India." 
All communications related to warranty must be sent to our email id info@robokits.co.in. We cannot handle such queries on phone as we insist to have written proof of all conversation. Please quote your order number in all communications.

Some important notes on warranty related to different category of products

Motors Motors are not covered in warranty in case there is mechanical damage or damage in gears or other mechanical parts due to overloading. 
Warranty is also void if motor brushes are worn out or burnt. This happens due to overloading or stalling.
Batteries and Cells Batteries will not be covered in warranty if thery are shorted, overloaded or over discharged. We sell only Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries which are very sensitive to high temperatures,short circuit, overloading and over discharging. Even improper charging with normal power supply or non Li-Ion chargers may damage the battery. In any of above cases warranty will be void.
Motor drivers or Boards with Motor drivers Motor drivers are very important parts in robotics. They are also most often failing parts in robotics as they are overloaded.
A DC motor takes much higher current at start up and stall conditions compared to normal running. If these high current are not calculated while choosing motor driver motor driver may overload unexpectedly in certain conditions. 
Other circuits Many of our circuits like robot controllers, development boards, sensors, Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards come with headers which can be accidentally connected to wrong signal pins, high voltage or negative voltage. In this case warranty is void.
Robots  Most of the robots we sell are DIY kit. Even after explaining the assembly and programming completely in user  manual its possible to make mistake. If mechanical part, circuit or motor is damaged while assembling or wrong assembly it will void warranty. Individual circuits and parts carry individual warranty also.








My product is out of warranty but not working somehow, can Robokits repair my product?

Yes, for sure. If the warranty is over it doesn't mean that our responsibility towards the sold product is over. We provide repairing service at minimal possible rates. Customer needs to communicate on email first before sending the product. 

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